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Power Construction Jr Inc.

Understands that SAFETY is more than a concern; it is a way of doing business. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business, and employee safety is no exception to this standard. As one of our core values, employee safety is more than just another part of our day; it’s the keystone of our culture.


We have invested in safety training and planning as an integral part of the management process at our company because a culture of safety doesn’t just happen by “accident.”

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Our objective

Our objective is to provide our employees with the safest working environment while on assignment with our clients, by training and educating each employee on safety awareness. We have a safety guide that each employee must read and acknowledge.


At Power Construction Jr Inc., we dedicated to providing the most qualified electrical services for industrial, commercial, and solar. We strive to deliver high-quality services at a competitive price.
We take great pride in our ability to identify and deliver the highest-quality services to our commercial, industrial, and solar clients. We dedicated to maintaining strong communication lines with our clients and ensuring that they have the best services to fulfill their project needs.

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Dedicated to top quality and electrical expertise, Power Construction Jr Inc. is a leader company in electrical services for industrial, commercial, and solar.


We provide all kinds of services on all levels of commercial, industrial, and solar electrical work. We strive to make our customers and our employee experiences as rewarding as possible.

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